About Tracey Lee Art Designs

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

While you are here have a look through my galleries and shops but before you do you maybe wondering who is this artist?

My name is Tracey Lee Everington..

The easiest way for me to explain who I am as an artist is by going through the old where, what, when and how. So lets begin.

  • Where. I am from the south western area of Western Australia and live right near the coast in the city of Perth.
  • What. An artist who loves to create abstract, fractal and wildlife art. That being said I do venture into other styles regularly. If you take a look at my Instagram account you will see I just can’t seem to pick a style of art and that is exactly how I like it. Yoga is also a love of mine and I also design prints for yoga clothing .
  • When. University trained as a Forensic Toxicologist and Molecular Biologist I started art purely as a hobby around 2014 not having tried anything artist before in my life before. I started becoming serious about learning more about art towards the end of 2015. I then created Tracey Lee Art Designs at the beginning of 2016 once I decided art was now one of my passions.
  • How. I create my traditional pieces either with acrylic, pastel or charcoal. My digital artwork is created with Photoshop and various fractal programs.