The Hunt

Those eyes tear straight through me, right down into my soul. It’s not the first time I have felt those eyes on me but tonight is different, dangerous. Those yellow eyes have the advantage. Night has fallen – he can see in the dark, I can not.

The tall grass is not helping. I know he is there, watching me, hunting me. I must get to safety.

“Got him” comes a cry. Relief floods through me. The powerful male tiger “Sumi” has been hit with a tranquilizer dart by the head zookeeper and can now be taken safely back to his enclosure.

Though the question still remains how did he get out, or better yet who let him out and why? The mystery deepens ……


This is an art piece titled “The Hunt”.

Original created in A4  size, using pastel and charcoal.

Artist: Tracey Everington (Tracey Lee Art Designs).

Prints and merchandise available in by Redbubble and Fine Art America Stores.