King of the Beasts

I hope you enjoy the little back story below I have created for my black and white pastel and charcoal drawing of a male lion name Xaviour.

The king, Xaviour, surveys his surroundings. From his postion under the shade of the Acacia tree, he can see the whole pride.

All is peaceful this morning. His cubs are playing under the shade of a near by tree, practising their fighting for the future.

Yesterday was not so peaceful, one of the lone male lions roaming the outside of Xaviour’s family land challenged Xavior to his territory and family. The fight was vicious but Xaviour won. The result would have been unthinkable if the other male lion had been successful. Looking out at his cubs Xaviour thinks how he would fight to the death to protect them, but this time he was victorious, with the other male lion running off to lick his wounds.

Yes, everything is peaceful today. Xaviour needs to relax and rest up. He never knows when the next young male will try to challenge him again.

This is an original drawing of a male lion in black and white using pastel and charcoal on black paper.

The artwork is A4 in size.

Artist: Tracey Everington of Tracey Lee Art Designs.

Prints and merchandise for this artwork can be found in my Fine Art America store.

drawing, lion, pastel, charcoal

The original drawing titled “King of the Beasts” by artist Tracey Everington of Tracey Lee Art Designs