Hello. As per usual I like to create a little back story to my art. With that in mind I would like to introduce you to Samui, the lioness.

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Samui raises her head to the sun as it starts the daily accent into the dawn sky. That wonderful time of day where the sunlight sparkles through the trees is her favourite time. Peaceful, cool and relaxing. The heat will soon set in, then the fun will begin.

Fun involves roaming around tourist’s cars and scaring people who visit the wildlife reserve in Africa.  If Samui is being honest she quite enjoys jumping up on the tourist’s cars, roaring and scaring the little children peering out the windows at her.

Sometimes though she gets her kicks by more sedate means. Standing right in the middle of the road and staring down the occupants can be quite fun too. Samui has worked out the cars must give way to the animals so she likes to just make the tourists wait and remind them who’s boss.

One day a tourist will be silly enough to get out of the car. That day will be one to remember. Not that she would actually eat anyone (she is well feed here at the park) but the terror she could cause that person would be enjoyable. After all that is what the tourist is paying for – the  up close experience.

Yes, she does like her job scaring people, but for now she will just sit and greet the morning sun.

Title “Greeting the Morning Sun”

This is a pastel and charcoal drawing by Tracey Everington of Tracey Lee Art Designs.

The original drawing was created on black paper.

A4 in size

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