My first digital painting of a wolf – titled “Midnight Stare”

I move quickly down the snow covered path. The snowfall has been heavy today and walking is hard going. I try to be as quiet as I can, though I know it’s a fruitless exercise. He can still hear me and better yet, can see me. I can feel his eyes watching me, sending a sense of terror through my body. What makes it worse is I can’t see him, but I know he is out there and he would have brought his friends.

He has been hanging around the camp for days now just waiting for his chance to get one of us alone. Why did things always go wrong at midnight in the dead of winter?

I continue along the path and the relative safety of the camp fire comes into view. Out of the dark night I hear an deep, threatening piercing howl. Followed by answering howls. Yes I was right, he is out there and I must really hurry….

This was my first attempt at digital painting. I hope you enjoy this artwork of a wolf as much as I did creating it.

wolf, digital art, digital painting

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