I must admit I don’t know a great deal about jaguars. They are somewhat of a mystery to me.

A few interesting facts I have found about jaguars are as follows:

1. They are the third largest big cat after the lion and tiger.

2. When a jaguar kills its prey it bites directly through the skull to the brain to kill the animal.

3. It is native to the Americas.

4. Jaguars can suffer from melanism which means they can appear almost black. Though if you were to get up close to one you will still be able to see spots on their coat. Being a scientist myself I could go into create detail here but for the sake of this post melanism is basically the opposite to albinism.

5. Lastly jaguars are on the near threatened list which is really sad (this last point does not surprise me).

I created this fractal jaguar to bring some light to this beautiful animal and to bring awareness to another of this worlds creatures which finds their population greatly decreasing once again because of man.

Prints and merchandise available here and here.

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