The night is silent, so he too must be silent as he sits high up in the tree overlooking the field. There is no moon tonight and he can not see his prey through the long grass, but he can hear them. Tilting his head to find the exact location and then down he swoops, silently into the long grass and comes back up with a field mouse.

I always thought owls relied on their sight alone to hunt prey at night but I have since learnt even in a totally darkened room an owl can capture prey with purely their hearing.

I really enjoyed creating this digital painting. I find the look in the owl’s eyes to be quite hypnotic. Hope you enjoy this piece as much as I enjoyed creating it.

owl, digital painting, art, animal

Title: The Watcher

Artist: Tracey Everington

Medium: Digital painting

Prints and merchandise of this artwork can be found here and here.